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I recently subscribed to the RSS Feed for neueministry.com. From their site:

Neue (pronounced “new”) is a creative resource and collaborative community focused specifically on the issues, challenges and opportunities facing emerging ministry leaders.

Today they posted a link to an article from Lifeway Research about a recent study they did on young adults leaving the church. According to their research, more than 2/3 of them (between the ages of 18-22) will stop attending church regularly for at least a year.

As a youth pastor, my job isn’t just to bring students through high school, but to help prepare them for the future. One of the values I want to instill in students is the importance of staying connected to others. It’s the idea that our relationship with God doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We need the love, encouragement and support of others along the way. Hopefully I’m providing opportunities for this to occur and my prayer is that these relationships will be the “glue” (as the article puts it) that keeps these students connected through times of transition.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

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