traffic tuesday #6 – tailgating

Tailgating is fun when you buy food and have a little party off of the back end of your car before a sporting event. It’s not so fun when your driving down the road and someone behind you decides to try to play “Let’s see how close we can get to the person in front of us.”

Now, before I continue, I must make a startling confession. I have a problem with today’s traffic topic. So instead of ranting against this behavior (which I should), I’ll speak for it. Here are five completely valid reasons why it’s okay.

  • You’re in a hurry and you honestly believe that driving ten feet closer to the person in front of you will get you to your destination faster. Ten feet faster.
  • You want to read the funny, anecdotal bumper sticker on the car.
  • You’re checking to make sure that their license plate tags haven’t expired (because you’re a concerned citizen).
  • You’re practicing your drafting skills for the Nascar Race you daydream about.
  • You believe “driving defensively” means “man on man” instead of “zone”.


Author: erik

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  1. My favorite gem for those wonderful people that are in such a hurry that they think they can make me go faster by riding my bumper: wait until they are taking a sip of their coffee and give em a good two second tap on the brake…or longer. yeah, I know..not nice but watxhing them spill all over themselves makes me hope that they learn that doing that is not very nice.

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  2. Your last bullet kills…get it, bullet kills! I made a funny. Anyhow, this dude was tailgating me yesterday and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was actually a she a tune-up might have ensued.

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