traffic tuesday #7 – singing

Today’s post is dedicated to the talent-deficient sport of “singing while driving.” The rise in popularity of karaokes the last few years, has brought with it the false assumption that people actually enjoy hearing someone butcher an otherwise tolerable song.

For some reason, tone-deficient people are also reason-deficient. They actually think that the world wants them to share their karaoke talents while on the road (why confine it to the karaoke machine?). Here are some possible reasons they believe this:

  1. They think they can sing and are hoping the person in the car next to them is a record producer.
  2. They are just having fun…and we are in pain.
  3. They’re spreading joy. According to Buddy the Elf, “The best way to bring Christmas cheer is to sing aloud for all to hear.” What this has to do with singing in the car with the windows down on a hot summer day, only the karaoke inclined will ever know.
  4. After their first time singing on the road, someone broke their antenna with the hopes that others would be spared from hearing them sing to every song on the local “Lite” radio station. Instead, this backfires because the singer believes this is a common occurrence and makes an oath to sing even more in order to provide music to those without working radios.


Author: erik

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  1. hahaha…..I’m guilty. Anyone who is in front of me during service knows that I am blessed to not only be tone deaf…but also have a really horrible voice too!

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  2. Hah. I never sing, willingly, in public.
    And speaking of singing, my English prof sang in class today.. He looks like Dustin Diamond, so I was kind of repulsed. Hahah.

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