traffic tuesday #9 – slow, fast, slow

The Speed Limit is important when driving. I like to refer to it as a necessary evil, because I usually find myself hovering just over the limit. There are some people who drive faster than the limit, some exactly at the limit and others below the limit.

Those each of these types can be aggravating, annoying, even dangerous on the road, the worst offender is the driver who does all three.

Driving 7 1/2 hours to and from college for four years, and taking students to and from countless events has provided me with an abundance of experience with these drivers on the highway. Based on that experience, here’s my best guesses as to why this phenomenon occurs:

  • Cruise control is broken. Actually, it’s not broken, but these people just don’t understand the concept of pressing a button to set their speed.
  • Cell Phone Distraction. I’m one of those people who believes that talking on a cell phone while driving doesn’t effect them. In reality, it does and people have no clue what’s going on when they do it.
  • The power of music compels the driver to operate the vehicle’s speed based on the tempo of the music coming from the radio (at least that’s what I learned from how they power the rocket ship on Little Einsteins).
  • They want to constantly maintain “Pole Position.” Even though you understand how and have the motor skills necessary to push a button and set your speed, these people think you are trying to race them. Once you pass them, they think they’re losing the race you aren’t in and so they speed past you. After getting ahead, they eventually forget the imaginary race they were in and slow down. Of course, you’ll catch up again and the process will repeat.


Author: erik

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