tyranny of the urgent

Today was one of those days when “tyranny of the urgent” kicked in. From the moment I walked into the office, I was inundated with requests for assistance that took me away from my growing To Do list.

Fortunately, I was able to manage the extra work and get most of what I planned done.

Part of that was getting ready for our Open Gym. Basically we let a bunch of Jr. High and High School students run around in a gym for three hours. There’s lots of sweat. Lots of smell. Lots of awkward adolescence.

We had several visitors tonight and I’m excited that some of our students are beginning to understand that this is the purpose of the event.

So after a crazy hectic day, I don’t mind coming home exhausted because I believe that investing in students is worth it.


Author: erik

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  1. If the guys sleeping quarters from winter retreat is any indicator…I feel for ya. not saying that a girl couldn’t stink but….

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