Today is Bethany’s birthday. I’m incredibly lucky to have her in my life. Since it’s her 30th, I thought I’d write out 30 things I love about her.

  1. Her smile
  2. Her sense of humor
  3. Her green eyes
  4. Her strong personality
  5. Her determination
  6. Her love for people
  7. Her amazing sandwich making skills
  8. Her thriftiness
  9. Her capacity for giving
  10. Her perspective
  11. Her relationship with God
  12. Her passion for students
  13. Her insane cleanliness
  14. Her ability to work with students
  15. The fact that she thinks she can dance
  16. The way her hand fits in mine
  17. When she says “I’m taller than you now” (when wearing chunky shoes) and she’s still inches shorter than me
  18. That she is a wonderful mother to Parker and Kent
  19. That she’s a better blogger than me
  20. Her ability to articulate herself
  21. When she “rocks out” with the boys in the kitchen to 80s music
  22. When she “listens” to me talk about things that she has no real interest in
  23. That she’s trustworthy
  24. That she’s the same person in private as she is in public
  25. Her style
  26. Her creativity
  27. The fact that she’s a hottie
  28. Her passion to know God and to make Him known
  29. That she’s my best friend
  30. That I’m going to be with her forever


Author: erik

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