Last week I posted about how I have a bad habit of letting my dishes “soak” (a.k.a. leaving them in the sink for someone else to clean).

However, there is a device that changes that for me. It’s this “sponge with dish soap in it” device shown in the picture. We’ve always had one in the house, but recently it broke and we had to get a new one.

And yes, I did clean those dishes.

Anyone know what these things are called?

Author: erik

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  1. No, i dont know what they’re called, but they’re amazing haha. I have to do the dishes every day and i would die without that thing

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  2. They are a good invention… however, if not stored properly they tend to leak soap… When I saw this happen I had to let it go… my cheap, I mean frugal side saw pennies going down the drain. Hahaha… no I was just too cheap to replace it with a new one 🙂

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  3. My wife….frugal…the word does not even scratch the surface. But she is a good balance to my spending habits.

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