I came across a wonderful little website the other day that will send an anonymous email to someone who fills your inbox with unwanted forwards. It also has some decent netiquette for those who are lacking.

I rarely get forwards anymore, but when I do, I’m amazed at some of the stuff people believe. How does this stuff keep getting sent? It’s crazy to me.

These usually fall into a few different categories:

  • Politics – usually the government is accused of something ridiculous and with facts coming from wikipedia, how could they be wrong?
  • Money – let’s be clear hear, unless your a orphan in Africa, Bill Gates isn’t going to be sending you money any time soon. Certainly not for annoying your friends with junk email.
  • Religion – the email warns of impending doom, supernatural visits from angels, and anything else that could come from a bad Frank Peretti knockoff.
  • Cute – 95% of these contain animals. The rest are natural scenes. 100% are awful. These are easily the worst offenders.


Author: erik

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  1. i’ve written several of these “stop forwarding me” type letters to people and/or talked to people in person too. not sure how effective an anonymous email would be. after-all it might just get routed by their spam filter to the trash.

    besides i think if it annoys you enough you should be “man enough” to confront the person one on one (either in person or in a personal email w/your name attached)

    sure they may think you’re spoiling all their fun, and it may weaken the relationship. but lets face it, if the glue holding the relationship together was based on these “junk” emails, you need to work on the relationship a little more anyways.

    maybe it would be effective to copy and paste the contents of the anonymous email, but send it from your personal account.

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  2. abelara,

    you’re probably right, but i thought it was a creative idea to make it anonymous. that way maybe they’d consider their whole FWD list instead of just your individual address.

    i’ve also had conversations/emails with people about this, and i’ve never really had a problem with them getting upset with me.

    actually, when i get the crazy/bizarre/bogus FWDs, i usually respond with a link to the snopes.com article that debunks it. that’s probably been the most effective way i’ve gotten the crazy forwarding to stop.

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  3. So, what you are trying to say is that Bill Gates is NOT going to personally deliver my $50 from Microsoft? What a let down. Well, at least I can count on my friend from Africa to make me a millionaire as soon as he gets my check for $100. At least I have that.

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