I did some yard work today while Bethany was out with Kent for most of the afternoon. I finally edged the lawn along part of the sidewalk in front of our house. I don’t think it’s been done since the house was built 30+ years ago. There were places where grass was growing 4 inches over the sidewalk. Brutal. I’d like to think I’ll get to the other side of the driveway, but my back needs to recover a bit first.

I also busted out the leaf blower. Part of me wants to wait until all of the leaves have fallen and the other part of me can’t stand the blanket of brown and orange that threatens to ruin my lawn. But it was a perfect day for Parker to play outside, so I made a large pile for Parker to jump in. He had a blast.

Here are some pics from the day and you can see more here.

From Fall 2008
From Fall 2008
From Fall 2008


Author: erik

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  1. Really great pics! You must have one of those fast-snapping cameras.

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  2. Plz P Erik!!! Tell her that everyone should have an SLR…Tell her that it is imperative that everybody NEEDS one!!!!
    **That didn’t sound TOO pathetic, did it?***

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