pumpkin carving

Today, on my day off, I “got” to be the helper at Parker’s preschool. He was super excited, and though I love my son, I wasn’t too crazy about being in a room with a dozen other 4 and 5 year olds. It ended up not being so bad if you ignore the fact that I had to clean up a huge puddle of urine off the bathroom floor. Apparently one of the boys needs some aiming lessons.

On a much better note, we carved pumpkins tonight. Kent lost interest after about 30 seconds and began playing with toys (at least he was at the table). Parker stuck with it, but didn’t really help because he was grossed out by the “pumpkin guts.” At least Parker had a plan for the design: triangle eyes, triangle nose and “really scary mouth”.

You can view more pictures here.


Author: erik

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  1. they are so cute hugging their pumpkins!

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  2. I used to tell my dad (because haloween was his job too) the same thing! Triangle Eyes and a really scary mouth.. brings back memories!

    Ahhhh to be 5 again 🙂

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