the hang

When I was in college, my roommate was Jamie Kemp. He, Joel Schidmgall and I would spend hours on end just hanging out. We didn’t have usually have an agenda or any particular activity (though we did play a lot of Golden Eye on the N64). We didn’t need to do anything, we were content just with our friendship, conversation and laughter. Some of my favorite memories are from those times.

Tonight we had Jamie and his wife, Tasha, over for dinner and we spent several hours just “hanging”. They are missionaries Indonesia who are in the midst of raising support for their first term on the field. For me, it’s a bittersweet experience. I’m excited for my friends who’s dreams to be on the mission field are finally being realized, yet at the same time I’m sad to realize that in a few months, they’ll be half a world away.

I’m so appreciative of my friendship with them. We laugh. We share our lives. We’re honest. We care. There are no masks, no hidden agendas and no need to impress. There’s really no catching up or awkward silences. It’s authentic relationship that I rarely see in other places. In college, Jamie and I used to say that we’d “mastered the hang”. After evenings like tonight, I think we’ve still got it.

You can read more about the Jamie and Tasha and their burden for the people of Indonesia at their website.

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