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In an attempt to create memories and connection between dads and daughters, we held a Dad and Daughter Date night tonight for the girls in our youth group. 19 dads and daughters came over for ice cream, games and friendship. Bethany put the whole thing together and ran it while I had the responsibility of trying to put Kent to sleep (emphasis on “try”).

When I did make it downstairs, I found myself playing Pretty Pretty Princess (you’re welcome, Laura) and an epic game of Jenga. We completed 35 rows with 1 on row 36. I’m not sure how that stacks up to regular games of Jenga, but according to Hasbro’s site, the record is 40 2/3.

Thanks to everybody who made it out. It’s great to see dads and daughters spending time together. Our hope is that these times open lines of communication and appreciation for each other.


Author: erik

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  1. great idea.
    if you have time, can you email me the details on the night.
    evan.courtney at gmail dot com

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  2. okay I liked how you used “friendship” instead of fellowship. Pastors always seem to say “food, fellowship, and fun” when advertising an event! By the way when will you post pics of your vacation?

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