Parker and one of his friends in his class at church got into an “altercation” on Sunday. Apparently, one of the boys (who will remain nameless) was being mean to Parker and some of the other kids (particularly Miriam, who Parker adores). At one point, Parker told the boy that he didn’t want to be friends anymore because of the other boys behavior. The boy reacted by hitting Parker and then Parker swung back. Time outs were given. And moms were told.

I had the pleasure of driving Parker home and talking to him about fighting and how to resolve conflict. I told him I want him to defend himself, but he needs to go to the teacher if someone is being mean. Here’s a bit of our conversation:

Me: Parker, you have to make good decisions.
Parker: I know, but it’s too hard.
Me: I know it’s hard but you have to learn to do the right thing.
Parker: I know, dad. But my stomach tells me to do bad things and my leg tells me to do good things.

Where does he get this stuff?

Author: erik

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  1. He makes me giggle… I see he’s trying to explain SOMEthing 🙂
    My brother always told me “all bullies are cowards”
    So long as Parker’s not the bully, you’re in good shape!

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  2. I nearly laughed out loud at that last statement of your son’s! I am so looking forward to having little boys of my own. I’m enjoying your blog already! Cheers from a fellow Illinoisan.
    Patience, Pleasure & Love

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  3. Tell Parker he’s giving “PK’s” a bad name. lol No, don’t put that guilt on the kid – I got enough of that growing up. Boys will be Boys…

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  4. Erik,
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