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I recently created a twitter account for our youth ministry. I know I have some parents who read my blog and I wanted to let you all know about how you can get text updates about crew sent to your phone. You could go online, create an account and setup your phone. But why do that when there’s an easy way?

  1. Create a text message saying “follow thestonecrew” (minus the quotes) and send it to “40404” (again, without the quotes).
  2. You’ll receive a response asking who you are. Reply to this message with your name.

That’s it! You’re now signed up to receive text messages whenever thestonecrew posts to twitter. These updates will include upcoming events and info about current events (like, “we made it here safe” “stopping for lunch”, etc.).

If you want to manage your account or more fully utilize twitter, go online to twitter.com and click on the link for “Already using Twitter from your phone?”. It will guide you through the setup process.

I should add that your cell provider will charge for these texts, unless you have some sort of text package included with your account. So what do you do if you don’t have a text messaging plan or don’t want to get updates via cell phone? You can always visit www.twitter.com/thestonecrew to see these updates online.

I posted this video a while back, but here’s a description of how twitter works.


Author: Erik

Erik lives in Bethalto, IL were he serves as the Executive Pastor at Cornerstone Church. He and his wife, Bethany, have two boys (Parker and Kent). He's an Apple fan and all around techie who loves Angry Birds and Words With Friends.

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