I just completed a major overhaul of our church’s website last night. Over a year and a half ago, Cornerstone began to expand through the planting and revitalization of new church campuses. Since that time, the Cornerstone Network has expanded to 6 campuses.

When this began, we changed our original domain, BethaltoChurch.com to CstoneChurches.com. Our desire was to communicate that we were expanding to include more than one location. The website tried to reflect this and had a “Locations” menu.

It worked to an extent, but it didn’t work well. There were at least three glaring problems with the site.

  1. It was basically a Bethalto-specific site with a locations menu tacked on.
  2. Because of the locations menu…Bethalto-specific ministry information was buried in a series of menus.
  3. It was near useless for our other campuses. Each location had a “page” but there just wasn’t room for information about what made that location unique.

So we decided to overhaul it and come up with something more useful.

We decided to make CstoneChurches.com a landing page. It’s basically a “which campus do you want” page with a little information about the Cornerstone Network. I anticipate that we’ll have more information added in the future, but for now, it works.

Then, each of our six campus will have their own websites.

  • Two of our campuses have their own websites already (Life Community and Simplicity). The landing page points to those external pages.
  • Two are still in the process of being developed, so I linked to their Facebook pages for now (Deaf Church and Godfrey).
  • Calhoun has received a brand new site and Bethalto’s site went through a complete redesign.

The last two websites (Calhoun and Bethalto) are located relative to the landing page. For instance, Bethalto’s site is CstoneChurches.com/Bethalto and Calhoun’s site is at CstoneChurches.com/Calhoun. Godfrey’s and Deaf Church’s will use the same convention as well.

Anyway, I’m pumped about the updates. I’m using a beautiful, responsive template from JoomlaBamboo.

Take a minute to check the sites out. I’d love your feedback about what works and what doesn’t.

Author: Erik

Erik lives in Bethalto, IL were he serves as the Executive Pastor at Cornerstone Church. He and his wife, Bethany, have two boys (Parker and Kent). He's an Apple fan and all around techie who loves Angry Birds and Words With Friends.

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