family-aboutI’m Erik. I’m a Chicago native who’s recently move to Bethalto, IL. Let’s get the unimportant stuff out of the way….

I started my bog in April of 2007 using Blogger. Since then, I’ve moved everything over to a self-hosted WordPress blog (that your currently viewing this on).

Unfortunately for the world, my blogging has crawled to a slow (very slow) crawl as twitter, Google Reader, life and stress have taken over. Still, my blog is a place where I occasionally post a book review, comment on life, ministry and/or faith.

I’ve done web development with Joomla! and WordPress and I also have some self-taught experience with graphic design and video editing. Though I still have a long way to go, I’ve worked with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro and other similar programs. I have a portfolio site set up at scottpress.com if you’d like to see some examples or hire me for some work.

Speaking of technology, I’m an Apple fan who’s drank the cool-aid and won’t be going back to blue screens of death anytime soon. “It just works”.

Other things I love are The Office, LOST (best show ever), David Crowder Band, Phil Wickham and Mountain Dew.

But now that we’re talking about love, let’s get to the “important” stuff….

I’m married to a hottie who has a much better blog and have two crazy boys: Parker and Kent.

In January of 2010 (after almost ten years of youth ministry), I joined the staff at Cornerstone Church in Bethalto, IL as the Executive Pastor. I’m blessed to be part of such a wonderful church and to work with a fun, passionate staff.